Ambrosoli I.T.V. Art

Carlo Franza

Dächer von Sonnenburg, 2005, Oil
Dächer von Sonnenburg (private collection)
2005, Oil

“… “Roofs in Castelbadia” is a painting that lives for both sentimental and pictorial reasons. The structure of the work can be perceived in the formal simplification that the artist pursues in these years. Painting conciliates earth and sky in only one visual feeling, immediate and definitive at the same time. Each touch, each spot, each brushstroke contains air, light, the object, the drawing and the style. Rapid and broken brushstrokes plastically re-build volumes, so as to reveal a natural sensation, where light exudes from the warm shades used and takes possession of everything, letting one perceive poetic registrations…”

Carlo Franza (Year 2006)