Ambrosoli I.T.V. Art

Erika Nicchiosini

Straße der Erinnerungen, 2004, Oil
Straße der Erinnerungen
2004, Oil

„What immediately meets the eyes, when observing a work by Annemarie Ambrosoli, is the intense chromaticism of her paintings. The colour strength and the vitality of the composition…In each of her paintings there is in fact a continuous dialogue with the surrounding world…What derives from that is the fine capacity to convey emotions and feelings…The results are joyful compositions where the colour (the artist surely prefers yellow, red and orange) is fluid and free to draw figures which are easy to make your own, without ever losing neither in meaning nor in expressivity because it is important, in your works, never to appear banal…”

Erika Nicchiosini (Year 2005)