Ambrosoli I.T.V. Art

Eugen Galasso

…Starting from real landscapes, that is, really existing …. Ambrosoli transfigures in a fantastic and dreamlike key such natural reality, nearly tracking down the unconscious spirit in nature…., as Schelling and generally the Romantic artists wanted. Realizing a synthesis between form and colour, where both the elements involve one another, with a choice of colours always tending to light, in a key that reminds of Goethe “Theory of colours”  (Farbenlehre) and then to the following theorizations of Schopenhauer and Steiner, with the obvious and also remarkable differences between these theories, where all the chromatic spectrum is experienced, with a prevalence of apparently “soft” and delicate shades, in fact really vivid…

Eugen Galasso (Year 2011)
Arte Padova 2011

Licht am Weg, 2001, Oil
Licht am Weg
(private collection)
2001, Oil
Das gelbe Haus, 2008-2010, Oil
Das gelbe Haus
2008-2010, Oil
Festtag, 2011, Oil
2011, Oil
Farbenspiele, 2011, Oil
(private collection)
2011, Oil

The "Still-life" is the very theme of Annemarie Ambrosoli's painting, the proper and figurative sense of her work is the Dream. To dream wide awake is at stake, as the question of the Representation: the "Reality" is the Perception of the Conscious but also of the Unconscious. Annemarie starts from the south-Tyrolean Landscapes (especially Woods and Mounts), but her Sense-Production is the dreamed Reality. Colours and forms are in conformity with the best ideal-reality. The landscapes and generally the nature as the best mirror of the Perception of Reality: that is the best Fruit of a continuous and tenacious artisticTension, which now and then reminds of the romantic Tradition (Turner and others) but without its Impetuosity and Desperation.

Prof. Eugen Galasso (Year 2011)

Passion, 2011, Oil
(private collection)
2011, Oil
Schneiderwiesen, 2008, Oil
(private collection)
2008, Oil
Spuren des Frühlings, 2009, Oil
Spuren des Frühlings
2009, Oil

…I would compare the painting of the South-Tyrolean artist to the one of Turner, despite all the even complete differences of the case. Dreaming and dreamed art, Annemarie Ambrosoli’s one, where re-reading landscapes and woods, sill-lives…means re-reading oneself, „travelling inside oneself“ in the best meaning of the term…Compositions that would be (and are) also very adapt for illustrations of books, preferably for, again, an „imaginary“ narrative, but which can also perfectly stand as works on their own, in re-joining with the deep dimensions of our being…then, the „descriptive“ aspect of the landscape…of the „Tyrolean essence“ remains as a less important aspect, nearly unessential, if not, maybe, for those who enjoy re-discover easy and „immediate“ correspondences…

Sonnenstraße, 2004, Oil
2004, Oil
Vergangenheit und Gegenwart, 2004, Oil
Vergangenheit und Gegenwart
2004, Oil