Ambrosoli I.T.V. Art

Lilia Grazia Tiberi

Blühender Balkon, 1999, Acrylic
Blühender Balkon (private collection)
1999, Acrylic
Collina innevata, 2001, Acrylic
Collina innevata
2001, Acrylic

Some of Annemarie Ambrosoli’s works, for the particular technique used, make one think of how the artist has absorbed and made her own the theory of Signac’s pointillisme, and then the one of divisionism. Colours are well-distinguished, and light originates from the wise use of those dots that, with a real decomposition and recomposition game, are able to highlight all the elements of the subject treated. In other paintings, on the other hand, the brushstroke is softer and wider. In all, the levels are well-marked, the chromatic range is used in all its different shades from the darker to the sunnier ones, and such ability gives a particular charm to this apparently simple painting, but which originates from a careful and personal research.

Lilia Grazia Tiberi (Year 1999)