Ambrosoli I.T.V. Art

M. Malì

La forza dell’uomo, 2004, Oil
La forza dell’uomo
2004, Oil
Oltre la siepe, 2004, Oil
Oltre la siepe
2004, Oil

Annemarie Ambrosoli’s pictorial performance turns into a peculiar figurative vision, she shows an absolutely personal gestural expressiveness, fully carried out with artistic awareness and technical virtuosity. Colour, the absolute protagonist, achieves beautiful creative results, the fluid movement of the matter is particularly innovative and skilfully described, and broadens deeply in harmonious dialectics, sign of an “iter” of noticeable contemporaneity. Expressive freedom, vibrant emphasizing of the importance of colour and quick drawing live on an inimitable interpretation, where endless intimist messages continuously give prominence to the work, thus developing an intense and close dialogue with nature. The artist Ambrosoli’s art is bearer of strong emotions, realized with great communicativeness because her style, enlightened of originality and unmistakable narrative, charms the audience, projecting them in a balanced and sensitive dimension…”

M. Malì (Year 2005)