Ambrosoli I.T.V. Art

Paolo Levi

Verso il villaggio, 2006, Oil
Verso il villaggio (private collection)
2006, Oil

The abstract atmosphere of these paintings hides soft and elegant landscapes, to be caught among chromatic elements of the palette… Annemarie Ambrosoli paints pictorial visions of spontaneous and vivacious lyricism that lead us to dream far away escapes, where images gain energy as they lose in detail … Moreover, she seems to indulge on those aspects that allow to catch the time and make mistery perceivable. Her mellow, magic and suggestive canvas release authentic reflections that help find again the transfigured beauty of nature.

Paolo Levi (Year 2006)

Farbenwald, 2011, Oil
2011, Oil
Farbencrash, 2010, Oil
2010, Oil

Privileged source of Ambrosoli’s paining is without any doubt nature, but seen with a Franciscan spirit that manifests itself through the colouring of the extraordinary dawn freshness.  With regards to this we could talk of happiness of the artist’s spirit those projects on canvas in a happy combination between the subject and the surrounding environment to which she refers. Elegant sonority of the chromatic combinations made of imperceptible variations of shades with very marked rhythmical combinations. It is then to be noted as there are in the naturalistic colouring consistent luministic patches that male the landscape scenes nearly impressionistic.

Undoubtedly an artist that is able to catch nature not really under the phenomenic aspect, exterior, so as the human eye perceives it, but in its lyric essence: there is, in my opinion, in Ambrosoli’s compositions, an autobiographic connotation, as the works are an extraordinary vehicle of her interior sensitivity.

Paolo Levi (Year 2011)