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Annemarie Ambrosoli


Annemarie Ambrosoli was born in Steinhaus in Ahrntal (Bozen/Italy). Main influences for her artistic career were the masters of Impressionism, Post-Impressionism and Fauvism at first.

Of great significance was her time in Lombardy, South Tyrol and Austria. At an early age, Ms. Ambrosoli was fortunate enough to be influenced artistically by a relative: The artist Ercole Frigoli, whose work mainly focuses on landscapes, introduced her to the technique of oil painting as well as to the love of nature. Her aim is to paint landscapes "en plein air", using nature as a model for depicting color schemes on canvas. In her work, emotions are essential, followed by motifs that also have a significant role.

This results in artworks that revolve around trees as a highly important theme. Particularly inspiring for Ms. Ambrosoli is the cold season where trees show their branches, gestures and movements. These branches evoke emotions in the artist's soul, such as "en Werken ist. So entstehen Werke wobei Bäume, ein sehr wichtiges Thema darstellen. Vor allem in der kalten Jahreszeit, wo Bäume ihre Äste, "Gestures" expressing sensuality, love, desire and contact.

Another theme of great importance to the artist is "Set-Ensembles". Ensembles are not mere combinations of single objects, but are created through an interaction of several objects reflecting the history of humans and nature and contributing, due to their individual characteristics, to local or regional identity. Landscapes, but also villages, are subject to continuous and often swift change, which carries the risk of homogenization and therefore a loss of diversity. In these artworks, she aims at expressing her emotions related to a certain motif by joyful color schemes, rather than just depicting objects in a realistic way.

At the end of 2016 she wanted to start a new artistic and creative path through the figure "Contrasts" - "Artworks om Paper". She paints men, women, children in half body basically geometrical and she describes in her artworks mainly life's moment. Her artistic process always begins with a good idea. She plans her painting and the study of the subject is very accurate. Her favorite art medium is oil paint, but she works also with watercolor, acrylic, tempera, pastel crayons and more.

"...Annemarie Ambrosoli does not paint the eyes, from which she takes away the main role to entrust it to the mouth. It is a confirmation that the different part of the face do not matter. The mouth can express the essential in its readable attitude. A lip reading for lips that do not move, but that change position in the situations of the different figures..." ..."...These are Annemarie Ambrosoli's characters. They are born like this, with a rounded profile, with hats and caps of all fashions and shapes, or only with typically female flowing hats, and then noses and open mouths as the minor or major sign of an algebraic entity able to guide the observer to understand the move, the habit, the thought, the figure. Mouth as expression..." (Dott. Giorgio Falossi - Italian art critic).

Annemarie Ambrosoli was awarded  prizes and mentions. Several art critics wrote about her artworks. Annemarie Ambrosoli is listed in various art catalogues and publications:

2019 Winner Annemarie Ambrosoli - A' Design Award category : Arts, Crafts and Reasdy Made Design". Sie was awarded by A' Design Award & Competition at the "Gala Night" Teatro Sociale  Como (Italy) on  Juni, 28 - 2019. About this prestigious award Oberkärntner Volltreffer write about she in a interview.

2018 World Art Dubai UAE "International Artist Award"

2018 Award by START Chamber of deputies Rome (Italy) on 19. Oktober 2018

2017second Prize-Award Gala de l'Art in Montecarlo by Monac'Art Montecarlo

She exhibits internationally and her works belongs in many private collections.